Instructor: Heriberto Renta

Bio: Heriberto Renta, the owner, was born in 1994 to a loving and supportive family in Corozal, Puerto Rico. Heriberto had wanted to open his own business since he was a child. Chef Jess, Heriberto’s culinary school professor, introduced him to kombucha home brewing during his final semester. The first sip had Heriberto hooked. The bubbly and refreshing taste of the kombucha piqued his interest as someone who had avoided drinking soda his entire life. Heriberto started making his own kombucha at home and shared his findings with professors and classmates. Heriberto developed the tried-and-true recipes for Borinquen Kombucha based on their feedback.

Location: Big Drop

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Start Times: Classes will be offered at 11am, 12pm , 1pm, and 2pm